Replace Money Anxiety


Clarity and Control Over Your Finances



You’re already the household money manager. So, isn’t it time you got control over…

Your day-to-day spending

The shame and guilt you feel about your finances

Exactly where your money comes from and goes  

Your savings and retirement

DailyWorth’s recent survey of over 10,000 women just like you found that…


are the chief bill payer and purchaser


are the primary retirement planner


believe that their savings and investing skills are below average

By the year 2030, women will control 3x more wealth than they do today.

We’re already in charge of the finances, spending and investing for most homes, but even by our own admission sometimes feel overwhelmed by it all.

In today’s culture, “finance” is a dirty word because of the shame and uneasiness all too common when it comes to money.

Let’s face it, thinking about budgets and income can be stressful.

Schools don’t teach it, and most of us never talked about money with our parents.

Why are we expected to be experts at money when no one taught us the basics?




MoneyClarity is a 4-week interactive, online program that helps you go from chaos to control.

At the end of the program, you will…

Be past the guilt and shame about money

Eliminate anxiety about what’s going on in your day-to-day finances

Have a clear savings vision to get where you want to go

Be comfortable on how to invest in a simple and low-risk way (without the jargon)

Included in the course is:

1) 10 Course Modules

In MoneyClarity, your modules are referred to as “Challenges.” Rather than overwhelm you with information, we teach you through action and experience so that you “get” the lesson by triggering a change in your current beliefs, actions, accounts, systems or strategies.

Each module includes:

HD Videos

HD Video Lessons

These videos are each 3-15 minutes of great content, short enough so that you can watch or listen when on your own schedule.

Audio Downloads

Audio Downloads

Each module can also be downloaded as an MP3 file, or streamed from this site, so that you can listen in the car, at the gym, or while walking your puppy.

Worksheets & Outlines

Journal & Worksheets

We provide you with a Journal and worksheets for each Challenge, so that you can follow along, or catch up if you need more time.

Course Curriculum

‘CLA-rhi-tee’ (noun) – Oooooh. That’s where my money goes.

What’s Your MoneyType?

Learn how your unique personality is the key to your money management success.

What’s Your Money Story?

Uncover your deepest money bias, disprove it, throw it out, set it on fire, invent a new one that inspires you.

Do the Savings Slide

Connect your spending and saving. Move money. Learn the secret MoneyClarity celebratory dance.

You Are Net Worthy

How much do you own minus what do you owe? Net worth is your new north star.

What’s Your Fine Print?

Money in … money out. Just like “Paint by Numbers,” but reverse. Add your numbers to colored boxes, and be illuminated.

Cut It Out

Surround yourself with and subscribe to only things you love.

Spend Like Buddha

Get real about your spending: where does all of your money go and are you awake or asleep? Breathe. Observe.


Most women begin with the same 5 investing questions. We will answer them so that they make sense to you.

Robos, Advisors and Apps

When it comes to investing, should you work with an advisor, a robo-advisor or an app? Learn about today’s industry leaders and make an informed decision.

Make Peace with Progress.

Celebrate and calculate! How much did you you save or shift during the class, and what did you accomplish?

2) The MoneyClarity Journal & Workbook

Do you know exactly how much money you have coming in and out every month? How about how much spending money you have left over right this moment?

The MoneyClarity Journal is a beautifully designed workbook with spreadsheet extensions that help you get crystal-clear. No more anxiety about your present or your future.

3) Deep-Dive Videos

Each module includes deep-dive videos on the topics that we get the most questions about. Some topics include:

  1. Business vs Personal: Cash flow for entrepreneurs is tough
  2. Why We Spend: Our families, our jobs, and our culture, to name a few
  3. Spend-Free Wednesday: Join our weekly spend-cleanse challenge!

4) Professional Support

You’ll also have access to regular support and guidance from the MoneyClarity team, so you can get the on-going help you need.

5) A Private Facebook Community

You shouldn’t have to go on this journey alone. That is why we have created a private Facebook community — so you can connect with other like-minded course members and find the support and motivation you need to face your fears and celebrate your wins.

If you aren’t on Facebook, we also have a solution for that.

What Alumnae Are Saying

Yolanda Enoch

Within the first week of joining MoneyClarity, I’d slashed two of the product subscriptions and negotiated with the company that sold me another to lower its cost. I was saving literally hundreds of dollars per month.

Yolanda Enoch
Elizabeth Whelan

I didn't even know what an index fund was. I'm now 52, and I’m being brought out of my money coma and into life!

Elizabeth Whelan
Charlie Meert

I loved the positive focus on moving forward, rather than dwelling on past financial mistakes. No question was too small or seemingly silly to ask.

Charlie Meert
Jennifer Paige Carter

This is the BEST investment ever! MoneyClarity totally changed my perspective on money and savings. So empowering.

Jennifer Paige Carter

Are You Ready to Remove Your Money Anxiety and Finally Feel Good About Your Financial Life?


What It Will Cost You to NOT Take This Course…

Does this sound like you:

“I just can’t afford to take this course right now, I have too many bills to pay.”

I understand this issue, especially because up to 76% of Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck. I’ve gone through those times myself, too.

You can’t afford not to take this course!

Chances are you are wasting thousands of dollars per year, and giving away hundreds of thousands over your lifetime, and don’t even know it!

Get Your Spending and Saving Under Control

Until you get your spending and savings under control, you will forever be running on the hamster wheel of paycheck to paycheck, not knowing what’s going on with your money, and always having that hole in the pit of your stomach, looming like you just got in trouble for something.

Just one of the exercises we go over in this course has saved past course graduates an average of $541 the first year! That more than covers the cost of the course, and is just the beginning.

By just being mindful about your spending and saving, as well as implementing a few of the easy techniques we teach (like the 2 accounts technique for example), you will save thousands of dollars per year, all while removing the uncertainty and anxiety you are currently feeling about your circumstances.

How Not To Lose Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Investing

By making it seem more complex than it sometimes needs to be, your investments or retirement may be improperly allocated or more expensive than alternative investments, but how do you know?

This article published on Forbes points out that the average “all-in” cost for mutual funds is 1.5 – 2% per year (going up to 3.17%).

While that may not sound like a lot, the average mutual fund investor has only averaged 2.54% annual returns over the last 20 years. The stock market, on the other hand, has averaged a 9.28% return per year. You may not just be losing out on gains, you could be paying more money in fees for the privilege of it!

Over the course of your working-life, this could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars you’re losing.

In past MoneyClarity classes, some discover that while they believed they were investing in their 401k, they never selected specific funds, so their money hasn’t actually been “invested,” but stagnant in a money market account. MoneyClarity will show you how to find out if any of this is happening to you, and ways to fix it.

Now how expensive does this course sound?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have time for this program?

Simply put: Yes. MoneyClarity makes your financial life accessible and full of possibility. How much time and energy do you currently waste dreading and putting off financial tasks? How much frustration and anxiety could you save by shifting your fears around how much money you currently have? By spending focused time making progress on specific challenges, you’ll save countless hours for the rest of your life.

What if I’m in debt?

MoneyClarity can help motivate you to manage and pay off your debt while working toward other financial goals. However, if you're in a true crisis or facing bankruptcy, MoneyClarity will not provide the support you need. If you need help with significant or unmanageable debt, MoneyClarity will not provide the help you need.

Is DailyWorth qualified to help me?

Yes! DailyWorth is the leading financial media company for women, founded in 2009. We deliver support across all areas of money (including how it affects our work, families, and relationships), career, and entrepreneurship via our daily email and website. More than 1,300 women have enrolled in MoneyClarity -- read some of the testimonials above.

Also, MoneyClarity is an educational product — DailyWorth is not a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and cannot deliver personalized financial advice. While we will give examples of investment solutions and products, they’re for your educational purposes only. We’re here to help you learn and gain confidence, but only you are in charge of your financial decisions.

What should I know before starting?

Ideally, you're comfortable with spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel. If not, be open to learning how to use them. You should also have access to your bank statements and investment accounts.

I have a financial advisor who manages my investments. Will Money Clarity still help?

It depends. If you’re highly involved in your investing and max out your contributions, MoneyClarity may be too remedial for you. However, if you have investments, but don't understand them or what kind of funds they're invested in, then MoneyClarity may be helpful.

I’m an entrepreneur. Will this course help me with business finances?

MoneyClarity focuses exclusively on personal finance. We recommend that before the course, you begin to separate your business and personal financial accounts.

Are You Ready to Remove Your Money Anxiety and Finally Feel Good About Your Financial Life?


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